Saturday, December 11, 2010





Yes BHRQ cannot function without mobility.. S**T...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sometimes I can't win

.. A basset needed to be picked up yesterday and was by my brother in my dodge van.. Well yesterday wasn't a great day to be out but I had little else I could do it was about 11:30 when he left.. This should have taken 3 hours round trip. .. and so still unable to drive or walk for that matter I handed him the keys and the Mapquest directions and off he went..

.. Well at around 6:30 I get a call from him asking me to call 911 he was in the ditch and hurt.. I called for him and called him back.. Oh Helen the van every window blew out.. I asked how is the dog.. he said shook up but also limping.. finally the OPP and ambulance and tow truck arrived.. the OPP took the dog to the vet in Hawksbury Jim was taken to the Hawksbury hospital.. Well Jim is badly bruised with fractured ribs.. I went to see the van today.. it's a write-off.. I only had one way insurance so I am basically SOL..

.. Yup always exciting at BHRQ

Sunday, November 28, 2010

BHRQ Arcade for The REAL basset lover

Pictures of the Arcade Click here..

This Arcade Game was created and built by Sparky's pinball generations; Ian L. Fitzpatrick for fundraisings for the Basset rescues of B.H.R.Q. and that out of their own pocket.

Ce Jeu d'Arcade été créé et bâtit par Sparky's pinball generations; Ian L. Fitzpatrick pour une levée de fonds aux secours des bassets de B.H.R.Q. et ce à leurs frais.

With the support of: Avec le support de:

Brock Hemming, Robert Courtemanche, Sylvain Simard, Mary-Ellen Dunning, Philippe Thibault, Sean McQuade, Peter Warford, Speed City Records, Maxime Racette, Wayne Powell, Adam Becker, Stephan Suys, Pascal Charbonneau, Keven Neilson.

This arcade has 60 *classic* non-violent games

Cet arcade comprends 60 jeux *classiques* non-violents

Charlie was one of our rescues with a very tragic life and you can read his story in the *In memorium* section.

Charlie a été un de nos rescapés avec une histoire très tragique que vous pouvez lire dans la section *A la douce mémoire*
The auction is open L'encan est ouvert


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Melody & Gustave Have Forever Homes

.. Well at least its some good news these two will have fabulous homes and slaves.. The Universe can supply the right family for the right basset.. I just need to be patient.. Melody has gone to live with another BHRQ basset named Virgile.. and Gustave is teaming up with a gal basset 2 years his senior.. I always feel bassets do best in pairs..




Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Minute Can Change Your Life

Well I went to the JGH today to see Dr. Baron my rheumatologist.. he checked me over.. sent me for blood work.. he thinks that maybe I have lupus.. he put me back on the Lyrica 300mg. and something called Dilaudid for pain management.. I also have to go for another EMG test ASAP

Oh Joy...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Samson Adopted Yay

... Well Samson finally has his forever home with another basset so not alone.. I'm sure he misses Gabby.. Alas he is secure that is all I can wish for my bassets..


Looking Good

Monday, November 8, 2010

Bailey R.I.P.


A last entry for Bailey's foster diary.

Monday my foster Mom just installed dogwatch fencing at her new home in Gananoque. Inspite of my challenges she had arranged to keep me while spending half time in Ottawa and half in Kingston/Gananoque. Unfortunately I won't be using that yard. I passed peacefully in Sherry's arms earlier today. After returning Friday's breakfast I stopped eating and x-rays showed a large quantity of liquid in my abdominal cavity that was largely blood with a very low white cell count.

Perhaps when Sherry has had a chance to morn my passing some other needy dog will get to use my yard.